Top 8 Teams!

The top 8 teams from the GirlFight 2v2:

CONGRATS TO ADORE R’ ELEGANCE!!! Once again thank you so much for playing ladies!!!!

1. [[Adore ‘R’ Elegance]]  AdoRabLe L & vT Eleqance

2. [[Slappin’ Strumpets]] Letnek ox & Jenny Gunz

3. [[Pwnies]] AshleySmashleyy & NoNo BuNNii

4. [[omy99fangs]] OmyMarshmellows & ICE 99 FANG

5. [[FragD]] FragD VixXen & xocookiesncream

6. [[Tickle Me Pink]] o iNiicole xX & lKareLiin–Puerto Rico

7. [[Tank like Shit]] Mz Hypuhrize & Ms Killem Dead

8. [[Queers of War]] IVIiss Sadley  & L3FTY CHARMS


Prizes for 2v2

LADIES! These are the prizes that will be given to the 1st place and 2nd place winners! I want to thank all of you for participating and we hope that we can host more of these events for you amazing lady COGS ❤


* Each lady receives 1600  MSP each.

* Will be sent a Gears of War Care package

[Gears of War 3 Shirt, Gears of War 3 Water bottle, COGS Tags, Gears of War 3 Drawstring Backpack]

* Custom Ladies of Gears snap back hat by @GameHelmet×4121.jpg



*Each lady will receive 1600 MSP each

Original Teams from 2v2

This is the orginial list of teams who competed in the Girl Fight 2v2!!!


[[A To Z]] Angelbel & ZOMBurlesque—–USA

[[Adore ‘R’ Elegance]]  AdoRabLe L & vT Eleqance—–USA

[[Amazonian Divas]] Ween82 & iShazzza—–UK

[[AnGeLiC Ragdolls]] NeuroticRagdoll & JDS Angelix—–USA


[[BunnAlity]] BBHx Brittality & Bunnyxablaze—–USA

[[Burning Flesh]] Burning Becca & Fl3shD0ll—–USA

[[COG Blockers]] LinkSmash & PMS BiPoLar—–USA

[[COG of 2]] kendrafish & ShredVicShred—–???

[[Dazed Chipmunk]] DazedSugar & PreachyChipmunk—–USA

[[Femmes Fatales]] Lady Gnasher & Lady iFett—–USA

[[FragD]] FragD VixXen & xcookiesncreamx—–USA

[[Free Hugz]] Undead Paradox & xx CrazyLaLa xx—–USA

[[FreeLancers]] Nena Dulce Rc & Bunker Gatita—–Mexico

[[FusRoDah]] MsDirtyD7 & candiclown—–USA

[[Gears Chicks on Deck]] xXTaPoUtxBaBeXx & LADY nPink dos——USA

[[Gears Chicks PR]] Sletza & SmilingDevilXD—–USA

[[Gears Gals]] Bakers Chick & BossLady 0x—–USA

[[Gears Mamas]] Sykopathicfairy & wickedtruth11—–USA

[[Generate Love]] Gener8 Risk & Gener8 Maachine—–UK

[[Giggles]] iFail Goddess & My x DeadSnake—–USA

[[Hotties with Shotties]] oShelly & XB1ackwidow7x—–USA

[[Lady Locas]] i MindFreak i & Ynk4202—–USA

[[LezBhonest]] xOT3PxIMMORTALx & swiial91—–USA

[[Little Dirty Girls]] Aerher & xDeliax—–Puerto Rico

[[LunaChicks]] Squirtz & Ms Insane—–USA

[[Matriarch]] Pekahboo & Plushiez—–USA

[[Me So Hordie]] Violux & Sunsetta—–USA

[[mOnzterz warrioRz]] CpT x KiiRA x & junkyhipmonster—–France & USA

[[Murda Syndicate]] xHannahxNicolex & MurdaxAddiction—–USA

[[omy99fangs]] OmyMarshmellows & ICE 99 FANG—–USA

[[Pink Nightmares]] yaya MIRANDA & iLOCUST QUEEN x—–Mexico

[[Pinky n Purpley]] xBoomerLady78x & luoby 2005—–UK

[[Pwnies]] AshleySmashleyy & NoNo BuNNii—–USA

[[Queers of War]] IVIiss Sadley  & L3FTY CHARMS—–USA

[[Salute MiDama]] SMDxFemmeFatale & SMDxQueen Z—–USA

[[Sexy Beast Squad]] o iLov3Ly & IH U IN IN Y—–USA

[[ShartCookies]] cookies209 & FireShart119—–USA

[[Shreading Unicorns]] x Miss Ayane x & Queeniie—–USA

[[SiggyFro]] frogz241 & Lilsignz—–New Zealand

[[Slappin’ Strumpets]] Letnek ox & Jenny Gunz—–USA

[[SWizzy Lox]] MRS LOXY & Solo Mane8—–USA

[[Syny]] iCherryzz & iMaNiiaC Girl—–Brazil

[[Tank like Shit]] Mz Hypuhrize & Ms Killem Dead—–USA

[[Team WiFi]] Social WiFi & MRKZxBiOHAZARD—–USA

[[Tickle Me Pink]] o iNiicole xX & Ikaros Angeloid—–Puerto Rico

[[Vicious and Delicious]] Destroyer QT & xo Shott—–USA

[[Violent Vixens]] x1 ROSE 1x & Jennahxboox77—–USA

[[WMPQ]] On3TuffCookie & crashcrashburn

[[XxDeadly CobraxX]] xxGunPrincesSxx & Lily DXD—–?

[[XxDeadly SweetheartZxX]] xxHawtMessxx & Im The Sickest—–?

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Thank you for all for participating 🙂